In 1819, ten barrels of Guinness from Dublin were offloaded in Bristol in the first recorded delivery of the dry Irish stout to England recorded in Guinness's books.


By the mid 1960s, two ships (Pluto and Dido) carrying Guinness were arriving each week, bringing between 1,400 - 2,200 barrels of Guinness to England. The barrels were stored in the Guinness Shed on Prince's Wharf (you can see a mural of the Guinness ship on a nearby wall today), and the stock was diligently tested by Bristol's Customs and Excise staff, and faithfully discarded after testing (or so they thought...).


The Guinness boats used to cause quite a stir down on the docks! From identical testing buckets to dunked milk bottles, listen to some of the inventive ways the dockers made sure they got their free pint after work...


Photo credit: 'Guinness Time’ Summer 1966, Guinness Archive