Why not listen to the full walking tour as you wander from M Shed to Nova Scotia Place by Underfall Yard?

You'll hear former dockers talk about their day-to-day working lives, explain their nicknames and describe the sights, smells and sounds they would experience as ships docked from all around the world.

The soundscape is designed for a leisurely pace, so be sure to stop and take photos or imagine the scene. You'll walk 1.3 miles along the former city docks, see the railway lines that carried cargo and pass through shipbuilding yards. If you get lost, just follow signs for the Harbourside Walk!


You can download the track to your device (M Shed has free wifi!) or stream it from the website.


View of Bristol City Docks from Cumberland Basin, looking back to the city centre.

Photo credit: Bristol Archives: 43207/17/26

If you have memories to share, would like to submit an image to the gallery, or to find out more about the project, please get in touch! 


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